25 Minutes of State of Decay 2 Unveiled

Earlier this week, Xbox unveiled that Undead Lab’s upcoming State of Decay 2 will have an official launch date of May 22nd. This has been a much-anticipated sequel to the 2013 title “State of Decay”.  We have not seen much of this game except for the 2017 E3 trailer that gave us an overview of what to expect in the upcoming game. With a launch date, we now also have 25 minutes of gameplay thanks to IGN First.  The gameplay shows a more in-depth view of what improvements that Undead Labs added in this sequel.

One of the biggest changes to highlight was the 4 player co-op which is a huge step forward from the single-player experience in the first title. State of Decay 2 a zombie survival title at its finest, with crafting, base building, and more. The game is a huge step forward from the previous title, in both performance and gameplay. Undead Labs is running the game on a brand new engine and it appears to perform very well, especially since there are a few months till launch. Important to note that the gameplay that is shown is played on PC and not on the Xbox family of consoles. If you want to check out the gameplay it is linked below.

Source: IGN.com and IGN YouTube
State of Decay 2 unveiled gameplay:

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State of Decay 2 is the action/survival RPG, from Undead Labs. Stay tuned as we keep you up to date with the latest news!

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