Activision Denies Bungie will start charging for Ammo Packs in a Future Destiny Update

[Update] Activision have officially denied the rumours of their future plans to charge for Purple Ammo Packs in Destiny.

When you thought it couldn’t get any worse for Destiny fans after Bungie started selling Silver for real world money, well prepare to be amazed. A recent leak via VG247 states that Bungie will soon allow gamers of the popular MMO Shooter franchise to buy Ammo packs with real world money through their store. These rumours were included with the claims that no Raids will be included with House of Wolves, and that Bungie would add Micro-transactions to the game, both of which ended up being correct.

It’s quite odd for them to do this since Ammo is readily available as loot all over the world, or when you kill enemies or available to purchase using the in game world currency. Will they limit specific ammo types in the world, and then sell these at a premium?

Earlier a leak stated that Destiny 2 was shelved as Activision laid out their 10 year plan for the title. This year they will release several expansion packs to add to the base game according to the said leak. We should hear more about this during the E3 press conference this year.

Are you ready to spill some cash on Destiny Ammo? Do you think Bungie will limit pick ups of specific ammo to force players to spend money? Sound off in the comments.

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