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Ant-Man’s director wants to make sure Civil War gets it right.



We have all been there. You’re working really hard on something, spend lots of time on it and then you realise that you’re going to have to share your stuff with someone else. I mean, what if they get it wrong?

Well this was a big deal for Ant-Man director Peyton Reed when he heard that the Russo Brothers wanted Scott Lang in their movie, Captain America: Civil War. Indeed Peyton Reed admits to more than one bout of jealousy when it comes to the on-screen rendition of the classic Marvel character.

During an interview with EW Online he revealed:

I had the Russo brothers, who are directing Captain America: Civil War, brought into the cutting room. So, I show them a bunch of footage from Ant-Man because they were gonna be working with Paul. I felt very protective about the character. I was like, ‘No, he wouldn’t say that, he would say this!’ It was great. It was a great back and forth.

It’s good to know this director is as enthusiastic about the character as the previous one. Edgar Wright (screenwriter for many fan favourite films such as Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim v.s The World) left the project after creative differences over the direction of the film forced a split between him and Marvel Studios. A great shame considering he had been pushing for and working on the movie for years. Although recently James Gunn, director of 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy, said that “Wright’s spirit is felt throughout” and that “So often I see movies by people I love which are just okay – it’s great to love a movie as much as I love the people who made it.”.

Still, Reed expressed great envy of Rudd when he got to fly over to the set of Civil War and hang out with all the other MCU characters. Not surprising. Who wouldn’t be envious of the guy who gets to fly over and meet Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans on-set for their next big flick?

“When Paul went to shoot for a couple days on Civil War, I felt really envious,” said Reed. “I felt like my girlfriend had left me and gone off with the other guy.”

Ant-Man has had largely positive reviews from critics who praised the film’s action packed ending, quirky humour and stand out performances.

Below is the latest featurette for Ant-Man and for more news on movies, TV and gaming, stick right here on TiCGN.



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