Anthem Teaser

Anthem Will Receive Free DLC

Free Is Good!

The BioWare devs sat down for a panel during PAX West this past week to talk more about Anthem. Via Gamerant we receive great news that there will be post-content story related DLC content that will be free to all players. With a game that has the vision of being so open ended for their end game content, I would have hoped for free DLC to keep players engaged in the long term and not separate the playerbase.

Anthem E3 2018

This announcement comes along with a new trailer for Anthem about their story for the game. This still does not alleviate fans concerns about the overall story content of the game, and not have it a “true” BioWare experience. Personally, it’s nice to see them branch off in a bold and very different direction than to what they usually do. You can find our hands on impression of Anthem by Samuel Tolbert here where he goes in-depth on the game. How do you feel about the current story for Anthem?


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