Avengers: Infinity War Crosses $500 Million Mark in Record Time

The Avengers: Infinity War movie has crossed the $500 million domestic mark in record time. Well, actually it is now the second fastest movie to do so. This all happened in just 15 days while Star Wars: The Force Awakens took only 10 days to reach that milestone.

Right now, Avengers: Infinity War is sitting at an estimated $1,291 billion. It should pass Black Panther as the top movie of 2018 within the next week or so. The third Avengers movie is still performing well this weekend since no real competition has been released. That should all come to an end next weekend when Deadpool 2 is released.

Right now Marvel/Disney is dominating the box office with the MCU and Fox movies. The company has two of the top movies in the world right now and it can easily add a couple more big grossing films this year. I’ll have the top five movies of the weekend this Sunday when all the ticket sales have been finalized.

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