Avengers: Infinity War Crosses a Billion and Stays Number One

It only took 11 days for Avengers: Infinity War to cross that billion dollar mark at the box office. The movie has completely taken over the box office domestically and worldwide. Even with an expected drop in ticket sales the movie grossed well over $100 million this weekend. The next closest movie didn’t even make $20 million.

Clearly fans are still going out to see Avengers: Infinity War as it has grossed and estimated $112 million this weekend. That is a drop of 56% from last weekend. That’s still more than most movies hope to make during their entire theatrical run. As you can see, the Marvel Juggernaut is not showing any signs of slowing down. The remake of the 80’s classic Overboard grossed $14 million. That just shows how the bigger movies knew to avoid competition with any Marvel movie these last two weeks.

Weekend Top Five

5. Rampage $4.6 million

4. I Feel Pretty $4.9 million

3. A Quiet Place $7.6 million

2. Overboard $14 million

1. Avengers: Infinity War $111 million

Avengers: Infinity War will still stay on top during the next week. With Breaking In and Life of the Party being the only two movies to be released in multiple theaters, the number one spot is already set. The question I have is whether Super Troopers 2 or Ready Player One continue to drop down the list or will they make a comeback?  We are still a couple weeks away until Deadpool 2 is released. I going with that movie as number one for that weekend even though the movie is rated R.  If you missed it Tremors 6 was recently released on Netflix.

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