Don’t forget that today is a Community Day in Pokemon Go. The Pokemon that is being featured is Bagon. This Dragon type has two evolutions that will need a ton of candy to evolve. The three-hour event goes from 3p.m. local time to 6 p.m. local time.

Lure Modules will last the entire event at one location. That’s three hours of Lure time to catch-all the Bagon you want, also you will notice a 3x catch xp bonus during this time. So don’t forget to use that Lucky Egg to boost your xp during the event. If your one of those lucky ones that does evolve their Bagon into its final form, the Salamence. Look for a special move that can only be obtained today. Each Salamence that is evolved in that block of time gets the move Outrage.

Be on the lookout for Shiny Bagon during this event. The Community Day event is always the perfect place to catch that elusive shiny Pokemon.