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Bethesda on Fallout 4 Criticism: You can’t please everybody

Speaking to Metro, 16 year old gaming veteran Pete Hines was asked about the controversy surrounding Fallout 4’s graphics and gameplay criticisms. It’s been discussed ad nauseam by the gaming community how the apparent visuals and gameplay of the next blockbuster title from the award winning franchise Fallout, seemed downgraded. The visuals from the gameplay reveal at E3 2015 seemed to be a less green version of Fallout 3, the game that launched in 2008.

“As with most forms of entertainment, you never get 100 percent agreement on anything,” he said. “And so, at the end of the day, whether it’s what the graphics look like or whether the gameplay is what you want or whether you like the setting, or whatever it is, everybody is entitled to their opinion.”

Gamers have been burned by publishers showing pre-rendered video at game conferences masquerading as ‘gameplay’ before. Microsoft countered this issue with actual gameplay which was playable at the show. But it’s still a rampant issue, and Fallout 4 developer Bethesda opted to be honest about the game’s visuals and gameplay from the start showing the real game and not some fantasy like so many others. They also opted to keep some of the familiar gameplay features that revolutionized the genre back in 2008.

“I mean, certainly it ought to look and feel familiar,” he said. “If you played Fallout 3 you ought to be able to see things that are recognizable or similar or whatever. Because we didn’t make a completely different game. But at the same time, when you’re playing it it’s a mix of familiar and different. There are things that are the same and there are things that are very different.”

The gaming community is constantly barraging gaming developers for either attempting something new like with Final Fantasy 7 Remake, or when they keep familiar mechanics like with Fallout 4. Seems like developers are in between a rock and a hard place when it comes to games and so they should do what they feel is best for their game and shrug off undue criticism until the game actually launches.

Fallout 4 will launch on November 10th on Xbox One and other platforms, and is currently available for Pre-Order.


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