Black Panther Dominates a Third Weekend as Red Sparrow and Death Wish Disappoints

For the third weekend in a row, the newest Marvel movie has stayed on top. Black Panther brought in an estimated $65 million this weekend. The movie has now crossed $500 million domestically making the movie the tenth highest grossing film right behind Beauty and the Beast and Rogue One. Given that the movie still hasn’t released in China, this is good news. The movie can easily get past the billion dollar mark with the help of that China opening. Right now the movie is at an estimated $897 million worldwide, one more weekend at the box office and it should be over a billion.

Two other movies were released this weekend. Red Sparrow and Death Wish both filled out the top three. Both movies opened with disappointing numbers. Red Sparrow features Jennifer Lawrence as a young Russian woman who is used by the Russian Intelligence Agency. Death Wish features Bruce Willis as a broken man who lost his wife during a home invasion. The police didn’t do enough for him so he becomes a vigilante to get revenge. This is a remake of the 1974 series that featured Charles Bronson. It seems that both of these movies will need some help in the foreign market to regain their budgets back.


Weekend Top Five

5. Peter Rabbit $10 million

4. Game Night $10.7 million

3. Death Wish $13 million

2. Red Sparrow $17 million

1. Black Panther $65 million


Today is the biggest day for movies. The Oscars will be tonight with host Jimmy Kimmel. Do any of you actually care any more about this award show? I’ve been slowly losing interest in it for years. Yet if you do enjoy the awards show click this link to check on who has won. If you haven’t been paying attention the next Marvel movie actually got the release date bumped up into April. Avengers: Infinity War is now coming out on April 27th. This will give fans the chance to see it before Deadpool 2 comes out.

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