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Bleeding Edge Beta – Tips on How to Be a Better Fighter

Bleeding Edge Beta is now available to play and many new players will play this type of game for the first time. This article will give you tips on how to be a better fighter. Welcome to the world of Bleeding Edge. A new game created by Ninja Theory and a first party title from Xbox Game Studios.

The characters in Bleeding Edge belong to one of the following classes: DPS, Support, and Tank. What do these words mean? Below I will explain their role and will help determine which class fits your style of play.

Damage Per Second (DPS):


Players from the DPS class should focus their attacks on enemy healers as well as picking out individuals who are not with their team. The best way to play these classes is to try flanking the opposing team or wait until your tank player engages the group.

An example of this play style in Bleeding Edge is using Daemon (above picture) who excels in flanking. One trick is to use his ability to turn invisible. Find the healer in the enemy group; they are usually in the back line of the opposing team. Sneak with Daemon until you are close to the healer and engage with his melee combo. When the healer tries to run, slow them down with your Shuriken and finish them off with the dash attack. By the time the team has noticed, you should have already defeated the healer and escaped by using Daemon’s invisible move. Team fights are a lot easier when the opposing team’s support is defeated.


(Zero Cool)

Support classes are normally the healers of the group. Their main job is to support the team either by healing or by providing buffs. The best way to play these classes is to try to stick with their tank player. The tank can help keep the support player alive. This class is one of the hardest classes to master because the player is required to support, heal, and stay alive. Support classes are always the primary target in any group fight. If the support dies, the team normally loses that fight.

One way of playing support in Bleeding Edge is using Zero Cool as an example. Zero Cool has a healing beam that can heal teammates from a distance. While trying to stay alive, the gamer can use Zero Cool’s jump (passive) which allows him to stay afloat and keep healing. Or you can climb to other areas where your pursuer would not be able to follow. Keep in mind the jump/hover ability uses stamina which is the default way of dashing and escaping. If that runs out, Zero Cool has the ability to wall himself off. This can be used as a get away tactic as well as blocking enemies. As you can see, a well played support can often be a deciding factor to whether a team wins or loses the group fights.


(El Bastardo)

Tank classes are normally the damage sponge of the group. Their main role is to engage team-fights as well as protect their healer. The best way to play this class is to first realize which tank you choose.

The three tanks currently available are El Bastardo, Makuta, and Buttercup. Which tanks you choose will determine how you play that role. For instance, Buttercup has an ability to pull enemies towards her. Conversely, Makuta has the ability to push enemies away. El Bastardo, my favorite tank, is more of an aggressive tank. His job is to engage in team-fights.  A well played tank not only provides a nuisance for opposing teams but can also help keep his teammates alive by engaging the enemy.

Depending on what class you choose in Bleeding Edge, try and find out which class and fighter you like the most. Each fighter has different abilities and perks, that can change and alter the play style of the fighter completely. So practice, and find out which role and which fighter you like the most.  See you in the arena!




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