Days Gone Delayed to 2019

Days Gone Delayed

Days Gone, Sony’s anticipated open-world zombie adventure from Sony Bend has officially been delayed to 2019. Originally slated for a fall 2018 release date, earlier today on the official Days Gone website, the title is listed for a 2019 release date. When asked for comment a Sony spokesperson was quoted as saying, “Days Gone will now be releasing in 2019 and we will keep you updated on the launch date.” (As per

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Days Gone, an exclusive open world PS4 title developed by Sony Bend, stay tuned as we keep you up to date on the latest with this title.

For more information about the game, here’s the official synopsis: 

Days Gone is an open-world action-adventure game set two years after a devastating global pandemic. Play as Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter facing a brutal struggle for survival, searching for a reason to live.

At its core, Days Gone is about survivors and what makes them human: desperation, loss, madness, betrayal, friendship, brotherhood, regret, love – and hope. It’s about how even when confronted with such enormous tragedy they find a reason to live. Hope never dies.

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