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Destiny update fixes sparrow exploit and more

Destiny developer has stated yesterday on there twitter feed “That they were going to fix the exploit” and It now has been fixed with other things as well.

Bungie today has released a new hot fix that fixes the exploit in the sparrow racing league that was released to play this past Tuesday. Players can play the SRL games till the end of December.

The update was explained on Bungies website today and what else it has fixed besides the exploit.

this update fixes the Sparrow Racing League exploit that allowed players to get an item that normally costs $10 for free. Bungie took to there twitter and vowed to fix this.

The update also includes fixes for a series of other issues involving Exotic Leg Engrams and “The Climb” FWC Ship, among other things. You can see the full hot fix patch notes below.

Destiny December 9 Hot Fix Patch Notes:


  • Fixed an issue where Exotic Leg Engrams did not decrypt into any items.
  • Fixed an issue where copies of “The Climb” FWC Ship was incorrectly providing Reputation.
    • This has been temporarily disabled on the Ship Collection kiosk and will be fixed in a future update.
  • Fixed an issue where the SRL Record Book, Vol. 1 items did not require the player to own the Record Book in order to acquire them.
    • Record Book items will not be deleted from players’ inventories, but will now require ownership of the SRL Record Book in order to equip the items.
    • Any progress already made towards the Record Book will be saved.
    • Warning: Record Book gear can only be acquired once. We are working on a future fix to allow players to attain additional instances in case of accidental deletion.

December’s Destiny update was a big one. In addition to introducing Sparrow Racing League (which will be available until December 29), the update makes major weapon balance changes and tweaks a number of systems in Crucible. You can get the full list of all the fixes at the destiny website.

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