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Details On Quantum Break Episode Length Emerge & More

Details regarding the episode length of highly anticipated action adventure Quantum Break have emerged.

In a conversation on Twitter, Remedy Entertainment have disclosed what players can expect when it comes to the length of the game.

As shown in the screenshot the game will be broken into five acts. Completion of an act will trigger a 22 minute live action episode. According to Remedy, these are skippable but it is not recommended to do so.

When you couple this with the player’s ability to dictate the path the story follows, you can see that the game will have high replay value as players attempt to choose every decision in the game in an attempt to completely understand the plot of the game.

The conversation moves on to subtitles within the game. Remedy state that localisations of the dialogue are to be confirmed, but said there are plenty of “subs and dubs in the works”.

It will be interesting to see how Quantum Break plays. The game is adding a twist on modern gaming as we know it, by mixing gameplay with television episodes to tell the story of the game.

The video game segment of the game will tell the story of the game’s protagonists, while the television episodes will tell the story of the game’s antagonists.

Quantum break follows the story of Jack Joyce, an individual with the ability to freeze time but still allowing Joyce to move. At times the game will move from it’s third-person action-adventure stance becoming more of a 3D platformer, asking the player to solve environmental puzzles. Quantum Break is an Xbox One exclusive, set for a release in April 2016.


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