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Did Super Mario Maker 2 need more development time?

For over three decades Mario has been Nintendo’s biggest intellectual property which makes it all the more painful to see how they are treating this gem of a franchise with Super Mario Maker 2.


Here is why I am puzzled. Nintendo is known to be very creative; they are also known for taking care of their own intellectual properties (IP). However, the issue arrives with Super Mario Maker 2. Why is this game filled with so many glitches? But its even worse than just a game being glitchy! One video game having glitches is not uncommon. However, it is a whole different ballgame for having a sequel with glitches that where in the first game as well!

Nintendo and caring

They don’t care if they are willing to push out Super Mario Maker 2 in such state. Mind you – a sequel that has returning glitches from the very first game. That is an insult to us, the gamers, and a sign Nintendo should do better. Let me paint you a picture about Nintendo: In one game, Super Mario Maker 2, the online service runs horribly. And then, there are the soft-lock issues.


A soft-lock is a moment where you are stuck in a game and cannot progress any further unless you either restart the level or quit the game. If you are lucky, then there is a timer in the level that runs out and then you die. This was always an issue in the first Super Mario Maker and now it’s even worse inthe sequel. How could Nintendo not fix that?

Easy fix

Why does Nintendo not add a download patch for the game which lets you exit a level with a soft-lock?, Why can’t they let you simply restart from a checkpoint? It would save gamers a lot of time and frustration.

Glitches and bugs from the first game?

Yes, that is legitimately the case. Some of these glitches are from the first game in the Mario Maker series! Let that sink in. One known glitch is called Black hole; it gives the creator the ability to stack pipesĀ  as well allows you to disguise items. Imagine seeing a power-up mushroom and going for it only for it to be a poisonous mushroom which kills you. That’s just one of the few things that Black Hole is capable of.

The sheer amount of glitches

In Super Mario Maker 2 alone there are roughly 17 glitches according to the Mario Maker Wiki. Some are patched out while others are not. Mind you, new glitches are constantly getting discovered and then titled “UNO MAS” in Spanish which means “one more” in English.

Not all doom and gloom

Nintendo recently added a new patch to the game that allowed you to play as Link from The Legend ofZelda – among other things. With just one patch, they kind of refreshed the entire game. So why they can do that but cannot fix their game first? Let alone that horrible internet connection that comes with Nintendo Switch Online. Having a game running on one frame per second online during a versus match is horrible andĀ  rather insulting.

It’s sad to see that Nintendo does not care about its own IP. It’s the Mario Maker community that cares. It’s a lot of fun to watch these creators not only complete hard levels but also create them. From troll levels to puzzle levels to even Kaizo levels, I love seeing that a lot. Let’s hope Nintendo smartens up and start fixing up their own game, If I was you, I wouldn’t bank on it. Because first of all, it’s Nintendo and second – fixing this franchise does not fit their agenda. If they wanted to do so, they would have done that with the first game.

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