The website Press Start just came across a very interesting God of War mobile app for iOS and Android devices. God of War: Mirmir’s Vision is a measly 436.8 MB to download right now. Since we have only a few days until the newest God of War is coming, out it may be a good idea to download this map so you’ll have it ready when you begin the game.

All you have have to do is click the screen on your phone and a map of Midgard will show up on any flat surface. This AR map will help you become acclimated to the areas in the game. The description for this app is as follows:

“Bring God of War’s world into yours with the Mimir’s Vision app an AR
experience that reveals the legends of Midgard.

Tap, zoom, and lock the map, then touch the points of interest to learn the lore behind this realm of many mysteries. Mimir, a man who’s seen it all, will guide you from The River Pass to The Mountain Peak, giving you a first look at this strange and foreboding world.”

Here are the links for the app. Click this one for the Android version or this one one for the iPhone version. Don’t forget that God of War comes out this Friday so make sure you have the time to download this app and explore a little before the game is released.