E3 2019 The Riftbreaker

E3 2019: The Riftbreaker Preview

During my visit to E3 2019, another game that I checked out was The Riftbreaker. Being developed by Exor Studios. They describe it as a “base-building survival game with action-RPG elements.” It’s a small team made up of a handful of developers but in spite of that, my first thought upon being handed the controller was that this game is gorgeous and detailed.

You play as Captain Ashley S. Nowak, a commando with a powerful mech suit. Your mission is to survive on a hostile, alien world (called Galatea 37) long enough to build a way back home to Earth. The Riftbreaker is an isometric game, which allows you to directly control Ashley and her mech while simultaneously building power generators, walls, defensive turrets and more.

E3 2019 The Riftbreaker Preview

During the demo I played, after learning the basics I tried destroying some alien hives, setting up power generators and turrets, then defending my base from assault. It’s easy to pick up but very difficult to master: you’ll need to be quick on your feet and use plentiful defenses. Your mech is directly controlled and equipped with both a giant sword and a variety of heavy weapons, such as a minigun and rocket launcher. Your ammo, while plentiful, is technically finite and if you run out you’ll have to wait for more to be produced. You’ll need everything you can get, as hundreds upon hundreds of angry, hungry denizens will try to stop you.

The entire game runs on a custom, in-house engine called the Schmetterling 2.0 engine. It’s quite impressive, as you can cut down foliage, there’s a full day-night cycle and enemy aliens explode into chunky bits when you crush them or gun them down. With every swipe of the sword, a dozen weaker foes are slashed into gibbets. Everything looks vivid and gorgeous but don’t get too comfy in the colorful jungle: I was told that there are other biomes, such as deserts or frozen tundras.

Exor Studios is also testing some interesting features for streamers. They’ve got Mixer integration working, so that if someone is streaming the game, their audience can take a vote and interact, allowing them to take mercy on the streamer and give them some help during a particularly tight spot, or make things even tougher and rain misery down on them.

Even if they are benevolent, the game is quite difficult as-is. During my time with it, I destroyed the alien hives effectively but then found myself defending my base in the middle of a massive swarm attack. Even with plentiful defenses built up, I was quickly overwhelmed.

Overall, I enjoyed my time hands-on with The Riftbreaker. The game looks beautiful and the developers have a really interesting mixture of genres to play around with.

The Riftbreaker will release sometime in 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more information, you can check out the official website for the game right here. If you’d like to see some gameplay, the developers at Exor Studios have a stream of the pre-alpha build recorded here:

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