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EA Access is Worth The Money

EA Access
A lot of people are subscribed to multiple things these days and I’m one of them. I’m subscribed to Xbox Live Gold, Hulu, Netflix, Crunchyroll, Spotify, Beats Music, and soon I’ll be subscribing to EA Access. I have only been using the free trial of EA Access, free until 6/22/15 if you have Xbox Live Gold and I’m loving every minute of it. Now I will say that I own PvZ Garden Warfare, Titanfall, Need for Speed Rivals, and Dragon Age: Inquisition; all of which are or will in EA’s Vault. Needless to say I’ve spent more than the subscription for a year. A year subscription to EA Access is only $30 US. You get 12 games (at time of writing), you get 10% off when shopping for EA digital games and DLC, the ability to play EA games five days before the release date and play some games free for a limited time. So it pays itself off as soon as you subscribe.

When they announced that it was free for a week to Xbox Live Gold members I was excited. Because I had been debating if I wanted to pay the money for a year of EA Access, cause there wasn’t a diverse mix of games in the Vault. The Vault is what EA calls the games that are free, as long as you’re a member of EA Access. Out of the 12 Vault titles there are 7 that are sports games and most people move onto the newer and better Madden or FIFA when it comes out. But with the addition of a fun shooter (Titanfall) and a wonderful RPG (Dragon Age: Inquisition) it had making me think that maybe EA would add more than last years’ sport game to the Vault.

I also love DLC for certain games, so naturally with EA Access I can buy my DLC for Dragon Age with that 10% discount. Plus I can get my digital copy of Star Wars Battlefront for 10% off as well. I’m just hoping that I’ll be able to play it those 5 days early or even get a few hours ahead of other Xbox Live people. This trial has also encouraged my friends to play some games that they didn’t really want to play before and also sign up for EA Access. So I know the first thing that I’ll be doing on 6/22 and that is buying my year subscription to EA Access! Until then I’m off to play some Peggle 2 and NHL 15 with my friends.

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