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Early Black Friday Data Shows Xbox One Had A Great Day

Am I the only one who remembers all of the talk about this being the last console generation? It seems that console sales are still doing very well and two of them were among the best selling items during Black Friday according to sales data released by Adobe.

Adobe reports that consumer spending on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday was estimated to reach approximately $4.5 billion this year. Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 appear on Adobe’s list of the five best selling items on Black Friday. The other three products were Samsung 4k Ultra HD televisions, the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini. Another indication of strong console sales appears on Adobe’s list of best selling toys- Lego Dimensions was very much in demand.

Aaron Greenberg appears to be very enthusiastic about the Xbox One’s performance over the holiday weekend:

Image via Ecumenical News

It is great to see that the supposed demise of consoles has been greatly exaggerated. Whether you prefer Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo systems we should all want to see a strong console industry. From all appearances it looks like we’ll be gaming for quite a while.

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