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ENKI, A New Survival Horror Game Announced For Xbox One And PC

The PR team over at Storm in a Teacup has tipped off The Inner Circle about the game they are working on. The game is called ENKI and you are thrust into the role of a person who is struggling to escape from a serial killer that is tied in some way to a mysterious cult.

The studio has not released many details about the game so far but a brief search on the internet shows that Enki is the name of a patron god in Sumerian mythology which makes us wonder if the game’s story is somehow tied to that lore. The email we received from the developer suggest that the story is inspired by something in the real world but then the email was tantalizingly cut short. What we do know is that there are multiple endings to the story based on how many secrets you uncover but the studio warns we will most likely see some grisly fates in the game. The trailer is very brief but it does show some very impressive attention to detail such as a dark and stormy night (a requisite in classic horror), a high-tech control panel and a dingy corridor with debris scattered about. From what we know there will be heavy emphasis on puzzle solving and finding items but the game will be randomized to some degree.

ENKI will be released later this summer by Soedesco for PC and as a console exclusive on Xbox One. In the meantime, enjoy the reveal trailer.

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