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Fallout 4 To Allow PC Mods To Be Transferred For Free!

Taking to the stage during Microsoft’s press briefing Todd Howard of Bethesda took time to explain exactly what Fallout 4 will be bringing to the table for Xbox One owners.

Highlighting their lengthy history with Microsoft stretching back as far as Morrowind on the original Xbox Howard claimed he had spent the last 15 years “bugging Xbox” to include a certain feature and working alongside Microsoft has now been able to make that a reality.

Modding has always been a prominent feature within Bethesda’s titles, with Skyrim and their own Fallout titles being a hotbed for the modding community to grow the game in ways that either benefit the franchises in terms of overlooked features or just wacky, comedic touches. Taking advantage of that hot bed of creativity Xbox One owners will be able to take Fallout 4 PC mods, download them to the console and play them at no extra charge.

With Fallout 4 promising to be the biggest Fallout title yet and promising freedom the likes that hasn’t been seen yet, the game is already shaping up to be huge. This announcement will only serve to increase that depth further and allows encourages an already active mod community to truly push their own boundaries.


Fallout 4 is set to release on PC and consoles on November 10th

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