GIRLS und PANZER Dream Tank Match 2nd English Trailer

Bandai Namco have uploaded a second English trailer for the upcoming Asian release of GIRLS und PANZER Dream Tank Match. The new video shows a lot of gameplay while also providing details on various systems and even gives a look at additional early purchase bonuses.

As one may expect from a tank combat game, players can control their turrets independent of the chassis. It also seems the UI provides a beam of light to help with aiming. Players can attack different components to take advantage of each tank’s weaknesses and even immobilize opponents by destroying their treads. As this is a GIRLS und PANZER title, the game also includes special mechanics such as drifting. There is also a “Panzer High” ability which players can activate for temporary invulnerability and automatic reloads. This mode also highlights the weak points on enemy tanks.

In addition to tank customization, the game also lets players pick their crew. Each character provides their own set of stat boosts and the commanders have unique skills as well. Players unlock girls and tanks as mission rewards while paint and decals require destroying hidden BOCOs to unlock.

The game’s online mode supports up to 10 players in 5v5 matches. In addition to Annihilation Battle, players can also compete with Flag Battle, Light Tank Team, Heavy Tank Team, and daily Event Matches. The video does not provide much detail on what these entail, but it does mention 1 hit knockouts for Heavy Tank Team.

There are two story modes in the game. One offers a look at the events from the movie from multiple perspectives. The other is a tale unique to this game featuring random matchups. This allows fans to witness interactions between characters that could never happen in other works. There are also missions derived from the television series as well as a special fight against a giant BOCO.

As we mentioned before, GIRLS und PANZER Dream Tank Match will release in Japan on February 22, 2018. The Asian version with English subtitles will release one week later on February 27, 2018. Those who order early will receive winter outfits for the Anglerfish team members in addition to Oarai Girls’ Academy uniforms for all seven rival commanders and Alice Shimada. The day-one retail version also includes a sheet of GIRLS und PANZER stickers.

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