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Gotham S2E2 Knock Knock.

The title of this series is ‘Rise of The Villains’, what it should read is ‘Rise of The Joker’.


This episode confirmed many suspicions that the main characters from Series 1 would be sidelined (to a point), Jerome aka Joker is already the best character in the show’s short history and although comparisons to Ledger, Nicholson and Hamill will be omnipresent it is refreshing to see him before the purple suit. One thing I will say is that this messes with the much loved Joker mythology of him being a part time criminal and accidentally being created by Batman which is a focal point in both DC and comics book in general, not to mention the fact that having only killed one person before this episode he has turned into full blown maniacal clown prince it just seems like the show might be playing it’s trump card a bit too early.

Bruce is going to have an even more prominent role this series and his growing relationship with Lucius Fox and journey to the Bat will be his main arc. Selina and The Penguin were oddly missed in this episode (so more time can be spent on Joker) which made me realise how much I enjoy watch Penguin.

It’s still too early to give this series it’s sentence but I’m having a lot of fun with Gotham so far.

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