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Halo 5 will change the Universe forever

Speaking during an interview with Forbes, Halo 5 developers 343i elaborated more on what Halo 5 will mean in the sense of the Halo Universe. With trailers and teasers everywhere, we’re seeing interesting plot development with the Halo Hunt the Truth audio series, and the latest trailer where Master Chief was declared dead…then brought back to life again by his team.

“There are some elements of the story that are definitely there to surprise people.”

So far as they have revealed, Master Chief has gone ‘rogue’ with a team of Spartans. Spartan Locke and his team is then sent out by ONI to find Master Chief so he can answer for his crimes. In the meantime ONI has declared Master Chief dead possibly in a bid to save face in a possible PR disaster.

“There are catastrophic, big events going on all across the galaxy when it comes to the Guardians,”

Halo 5 will change the Halo Universe in significant ways, and since 343i already teased that the story of Master Chief will have a definitive end with Halo 6 already in development, it’s turning out to be a story of epic proportions.

“One of the things that’s most exciting about this story is through the course of your journey in Halo 5, you’re going to see the Halo galaxy change in really important ways and it will never be the same,” he said. “On a truly galactic scale, things are transformed through the course of the story.”

Halo 5 Guardians will launch on 27 October, being an Xbox One exclusive. You can currently Pre-Order the game on Xbox Live with Pre-order bonuses.

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