Today players found out that the Mega Man X series will be coming to modern consoles. The announcement was made during the 30th anniversary live stream. That means all eight games will be playable on the Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. The news just keeps getting better today for Mega Man fans.

Along with the news that Mega Man 11 has been announced and will be playable on the Nintendo Switch and other consoles. The Mega Man Legacy Collections are also coming to Nintendo’s hybrid console. This will give players the chance to play through the first ten games before the new game is released. Currently a tentative Spring 2018 window is set for for both of these collections.

A new rewind feature will be added to the first collection. This new addition will be available for all the versions of that game. Hopefully the amazing news today that happened during the 30th anniversary live stream will keep the fans happy.