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Microsoft Edge is 112% faster than Google Chrome

Gabe Aul recently released a blog post in which he details the new updates to the beta version of Microsoft Edge. Edge is the new browser that will replace Internet Explorer in Windows, and has shown a lot of promise. Microsoft will still have Internet Explorer available to traditional enterprise customers who use specific software, but Edge will be the new goodness that will be shipped to consumers later this month.

Using benchmarks built by Apple and Google, the new browser raked in pretty impressive results. We all know that Google Chrome is the de-facto standard when it comes to web development and user mindshare, so they compared their results to the number one browser (that depends on who you want to believe). Microsoft Edge came in at a staggering 112% faster using Apple Webkit Sunspider, 11% faster on Google Octane and 37% faster on Apple’s Jetstream.

This is surprising since these tests are built specifically to benefit the company who built the test’s browser and is programmed to test according to their individual strengths. Another thing to note is that Microsoft Edge does not register itself as a Windows browser on Windows 10 Mobile. On the mobile platform it shows up as an Android browser, which means you get a lot of fake ads popping up while browsing telling you that you’ve been infected by Android viruses (which is impossible).

So Microsoft have found a way to trick the possibly in-built bias in these tests by telling them that it’s something else. We won’t know, but it’s great to see that Microsoft is really showing Google and Apple how it’s done. Will Microsoft Edge get a bigger marketshare than Internet Explorer in the near future? Well we’ll just have to wait and see.

At least we know it will be more energy efficient and less prone to crashing due to RAM issues.


Image Source: Lifehacker



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