Microsoft Renews Perfect Dark Trademark

Years ago Ken Lobb, Creative Director at Xbox, revealed in an interview with The Inner Circle that Perfect Dark was not in the works at Microsoft but that¬† they would like to revisit the game. The game had been the talk around the Xbox campus when the discussion of reviving IP’s came up. Jokingly Lobb mentioned that since the game took place in the year 2020 they would try to put out a sequel before then.

Today Generacion Xbox brought up some screen shots of a possible Trademark renewal for Perfect Dark. Not quick to jump on the band wagon we did some searching of our own and were able to confirm that the Trademark has been renewed and that even the logo was renewed last year.

The renewed Trademark may mean Microsoft is finally getting the franchise back on its feet but then who would be making the game? According to online news sources, Playground has been expanding to become a massive studio capable of handling multiple projects.

Another possible outcome is tha at the newly announced XO event Microsoft may announce new studios and games. While I don’t believe Perfect Dark will be announced this early on, a studio acquisition could pave the way for the development of a potential sequal or reboot.

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