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Microsoft’s Garage Unit Strikes Again With Delightfully Simple Email App

Sometimes I think I would love to have a beer or two with the developers at Microsoft Garage Unit. They make all kinds of simple applications that prove to be very useful or at least entertaining such as Journeys & Notesa free app that lets people leave notes for each other during their travels. the free Xbox One game Voice Commander.

Now the Microsoft Garage Unit has brought us Send which is described as simple and fast tool for email. At first glance Send looks very similar to instant messaging applications already available such as Whatsapp but the purpose of Send is actually more focused. This app is intended for brief emails that do not require formal email structures such as quick conversations or messages without subject lines and signatures so that the recipients can get right to the point.

Some of you may be wondering what the point of Send is when you can already do that with instant messenger apps. That would be a fair point but as the Garage Unit points out, a lot of people won’t have access to all of their contacts’ phone numbers on their work phone. There has also been a strong demand for being able to access all of their communications from Outlook even if they were sent from a different application. Send was designed to facilitate quick conversations while on the go without the user having to sort through their inbox.

As of now Send is only available for iOS devices but will be coming to Android and Windows soon. The app currently only works with Office 365 Business and School accounts. It should be noted that Send will not show all of your Outlook emails; you will only see the emails you send from within the app. However, all of the emails generated from Send will show up in your Outlook account.

Image Source: Microsoft Office Blog

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