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More Details Emerge for the Fairy Tail Game

As promised more details of the recently announced Fairy Tail game has come out during TGS. First off we get a new trailer for the game showing off a few of the mages from the guild. Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Wendy, Grey, and Makarov. The new game will be a turn-based style game, so if you were looking forward to the game being more like storm or FighterZ then you will be disappointed. Also, we have learned that the current development of the game is around 50% complete.

Players will start the game off right after the big battle within the Hades arc, where the guild was destroyed. After that, players will be heading right into the Grand Magic Games arc. Each character in the game will have different attributes, so, for example, Natsu maybe a Vanguard while Lucy maybe your support character. So players will have to choose wisely when configuring their teams with the most effective line up possible.

Although we don’t know exactly how many of your favorite mages will be in the game but we will keep you updated as each announced character is released. Let us know in the comment section below if you are excited to play the first-ever Fairy Tail game. Also before you go don’t forget to take a look at the character introduction trailer below. To skip directly to the trailer please got to time mark 2:22:50.


Source: Gematsu



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