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My 9 Most Anticipated Anime For Spring 2020

Alright, so the Winter season of Anime was a little underwhelming – especially coming from 2019 where it seemed a new hit series was revealed every season. So I suggest we move one and look ahead because the future of anime is definitely bright. Without further ado, here are my 9 most anticipated anime for the spring season.

9. BNA: Brand New Animal

Synopsis: “An original anime by Studio Trigger, BNA is set in a 21st century in which the existence of humanoid animals has been revealed to the world after living in the darkness for centuries. One day, a high school student named Michiru suddenly turns into a tanuki person. After going to live in Anima City, where she meets wolf Ogami Shiro, she goes on to investigate why she became an animal and gets mixed up in even stranger events in the process.”

Premiere Date: TBA

Where to Watch:

8.  Kaguya Sama Love is War Season 2

Synopsis: “From a good family? Check! A good personality? Check! Shuchiin Academy is where all these elite students with bright futures flock to. As the two leaders of the student council, Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane have supposedly fallen in love… But after almost half a year, nothing has happened!? They both have too much pride and can’t be honest. Things have gotten troublesome, and they are now caught in a war of “How to get the other to confess their love first.”

Premiere Date: April 11th

Where to Watch: Crunchyroll

7. Food Wars Season 5


Synopsis: “Shokugeki no Soma centers on Yukihira Soma, a middle school student who is determined to surpass his father’s culinary skills. One day, his father decides to close down their family restaurant and hone his skills in Europe. Before leaving he enrolls Soma in an elite culinary school that is extremely difficult to enter with a graduation rate of only 10 percent. Will Soma be able to improve his skills, or will the kitchen prove to be too hot?”

Premiere Date: April 10th

Where to Watch: Cruncnyroll

6. Gleipnir

Synopsis: “Kagaya Shuuichi is an ordinary high school kid in a boring little town. But when a beautiful classmate is caught in a warehouse fire, he discovers a mysterious power: he can transform into a furry dog with an oversized revolver and a zipper down his back. He saves the girl’s life, sharing his secret with her. But she’s searching for the sister who killed her family, and she doesn’t care how degrading it gets: she will use Shuuichi to accomplish her mission…”

Where to Watch: Funimation

Premiere Date: TBA

5. Fruits Basket Season 2

Synopsis: “Tohru Honda thought her life was headed for misfortune when a family tragedy left her living in a tent. When her small home is discovered by the mysterious Soma clan, she suddenly finds herself living with Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Soma. But she quickly learns their family has a bizarre secret of their own: when hugged by the opposite sex, they turn into the animals of the Zodiac”

Premiere Date: April 6th

Where to Watch: Funimation, Crunchyroll

4. Appare Ranman!

Synopsis: “After a certain mishap, the brilliant but socially inept engineer Appare Sorano and the shrewd but cowardly samurai Kosame Isshiki find themselves drifting on a boat from Japan to America. Broke, the two decide to compete in the Trans-America Wild Race to win the prize and return to Japan. The two battle crazy rivals, outlaws, and the great outdoors itself as they race through the wild West from the starting line in Los Angeles to the finish line in New York — in the steam-powered car they built.”

Premiere Date: April 10th

Where to Watch: Funimation

3. Kingdom Season 3

Synopsis: Shin and Hyou are war-orphans in the kingdom of Qin. They dream of proving themselves on the battlefield until the day Hyou is captured by a minister. The boy manages to escape and return to his village, but he is badly injured. Shin then meets a mysterious youth who bears an eerie resemblance to Hyou—a boy who will one day become emperor!

Premiere Date: April 6th

Where to Watch: Crunchyroll

2. Sword Art Online: Alicization- War of Underworld part 2

Synopsis: “In the near future, a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) called Sword Art Online has been released where players control their avatars with their bodies using a piece of technology called: Nerve Gear. One day, players discover they cannot log out, as the game creator is holding them captive unless they reach the 100th floor of the game’s tower and defeat the final boss. However, if they die in the game, they die in real life. Their struggle for survival starts now.”

Premiere Date: April 25th

Where to Watch: Crunchyroll, Hulu

  1. Tower of God

Synopsis: “The upcoming Crunchyroll Original series centers on the journey of a young man as he battles his way through the mysterious Tower, building friendships, discovering the rules that govern this tower, and facing unimaginable terrors, as he strives to find the only friend he’s ever known.”

Premiere Date: April 1st

Where to Watch: Crunchyroll

Which series are you looking forward to in the Spring Season? Let us know in the comment section below.

Joshua D.
Joshua D.
Just a Guy who loves Anime and Video Games

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