Call of Cthulhu Gameplay Trailer

New Call of Cthulhu Gameplay Trailer Delves Into Madness

A new Call of Cthulhu gameplay trailer has been released by Focus Home Interactive. In it, several mechanics are explained, such as skills and sanity.

Check out the Call of Cthulhu gameplay trailer below:

Players will need to rely on a variety of skills, upgradeable throughout Edward Pierce’s investigation, in order to escape the clutches of madness and death. Convincing the distrustful locals of Darkwater Island to offer up key information will require putting points into Eloquence and Psychology. However, no matter how convincing he can be, Pierce won’t be able to talk about topics he knows nothing about – investing into Spot Hidden and Investigation may be necessary to find as many clues as possible. Strength will enable Pierce to overcome more physical challenges, while increasing your skills and knowledge of Medicine and Occultism will require reading books found on the island.

Call of Cthulhu releases on Xbox One, PC and PS4 on October 30th, 2018.

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