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New Justice League Cut Footage Shows Black Suit for Superman

DC fans have petitioned online asking for Warner Brothers to release a Zack Snyder cut of Justice League. The poorly reviewed film came under scrutiny for lack of clear vision due to visually obvious reshoots. While the WB had had claimed that the reshoots were insignificant and would not cause that big of a change in the film the newly released footage tells a different tale.

Clearly in this new scene we see Superman awakening in a Kryptonian ship. In the film Clark is resurrected thanks to the Justice League and the Mother Box but they are nowhere to be seen in this new footage. Not only that but we also see the famous Black Suit which Superman wears when is resurrected in the comics. It seems as though that petition asking for a Snyder cut of the film could indeed offer a different story all together going off by this footage.

Since the release of Justice League film many have bashed the super hero film for many obvious visual flaws all caused by reshoots. After Zack Snyder left due to family issues the door opened for former Avengers director Joss Whedon, Justice League had to reshoot many scenes to the point that many speculate the film had a drastic plot change. One of the more notable visual blunders in the film is Super Man actor, Henry Cavill, needing to be digitally altered in order to hide the facial hair that was concurrently being used in filming for the latest Mission Impossible film.

With DC currently hanging on to the ropes, perhaps the loss of Zack Snyder as director will carve a clearer path for the DC properties. Alternatively it could very well be Warner Bros that are chopping up all these films as seen with all the Extended and Ultimate editions seen from Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. Whatever the case may be, the studio is still charging ahead with characters like Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and soon Shazam.

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