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Platinum Games Releases ScaleBound Story Details

Platinum Games has quietly released some back story details for upcoming Microsoft exclusive ScaleBound.

The details have been written in Japanese but the staff at Gamer Center Online has attempted to translate it via online tools such as Google Translate with somewhat rough results. Our own staff entered the text into other translation services such as Reference.com and Babylon with similar results.

Apparently the story of ScaleBound is set on a world being devastated by rampaging behemoths. The player character’s bond with the last holy beast is the last hope of the world for survival.

Originally announced at E3 in 2014, ScaleBound will be released for Xbox One but no release date has been announced. The teaser video showed a human character working with a dragon to defeat another beast only to be confronted by a multi-headed behemoth. Our guess is that a new gameplay video will be shown at this year’s E3 press conference.

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