Trainers pick up those Pokeballs because Nintendo and Gamefreak aren’t through yet, as they have just announced that both Pokemon Sword & Shield will get expansions this Summer and Fall. The first expansion will be called Isle of Armor which will release in June 2020. The second expansion or part 2, will be called Crown Tundra. Both expansions will include brand new clothes and areas. Not to mention the three legendary birds Moltres Zapdos and Articuno. Together the expansions will bring over 200 more Pokeom to the Galar region.

Along with the three legendary birds, the other two Gen 1 starters will be making their way to the Galar region as well as having their own Gigantamax forms. Gamefreak has said that both areas in the expansion will have more things for trainers to do and will be bigger. If you go to the Nintendo Shop you can buy both expansions for $30 U.S dollars. Will you be picking up the Pokemon Sword & Shield expansions? Let us know in the comment section below.

Also If you haven’t heard about the Splatoon Tournament we have you covered just click here and read all about it. You don’t have much time to join that tournament. Pokemon players can join the ranked January battle league right now. Each Pokemon will be set to level 50 and Legendaries won’t be able to join in the battle.