Raging Justice Announced: A New Beat-Em-Up Made By Former Rare Developers

MakinGames is a studio of developers who used to work for Rare and they have joined forces to create Raging Justice, a new beat-em-up game coming to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC this year.

The setting for the game is described on the Team17 website:

The city is in chaos! With crime and corruption around every corner, it’s all down to a team of hard-hitting justice seeking mavericks, to clean up the streets with some tough justice! Raging Justice is a classic beat ‘em up, dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Created by ex-Rare developer, MakinGames!

At first glance, Raging Justice appears to have been inspired by classic brawlers such as Streets of Rage and Final Fight but the developers are allowing players to choose how they approach the game. You can be a bad cop who brings brutal justice to the criminal element. Or you can be a good cop who merely dazes enemies and arrests them in return for health bonuses and new level challenges.

It wouldn’t be a beat-em-up game without weapons and Raging Justice won’t disappoint in this regard. If bashing bad guys with a bar stool or cutting them with a knife gets boring, you can always bring out the lawnmower for violent mayhem. You can expect local co-op (no word on online multiplayer) and global leaderboards.

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