Ready Player One has taken over the box office this weekend. It was very easy for this film to take the top spot. Both Pacific Rim: Uprising and Tomb Raider dropped out of the top four highest grossing films. Black Panther held on to the third spot with $11 million.

I wasn’t expecting Ready Player One to do so well. After seeing the comments when the first trailer was released and given the fact that the source material talked about a ton of pop culture references, it didn’t seem like the movie could be really good. Well, after watching the movie, I thought it was done pretty well. I still enjoy the book though. Ready Player One is that dystopian future VR movie that could actually happen in this world. The movie grossed an impressive $53 million domestically this weekend while it has earned $128 million internationally. The total for the movie is currently at $181 million worldwide. Ready Player One was also the largest opening for director Steven Spielberg in the past ten years.

Weekend Top Five

5. Pacific Rim: Uprising $9 million

4. I Can Only Imagine $10.7 million

3. Black Panther $11. 2 million

2. Tyler Perry’s Acrimony $17 million

1. Ready Player One $53 million


The comedy Blockers and horror movie The Quiet Place will both debut larger releases this coming weekend. These two movies should place within the top five spots. I could see Ready Player One really doing well over the next few weeks until the Avengers: Infinity War is released.