Review: Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas (PS Vita)

Let’s set sail to a land full of adventure on the high seas. A place where you have to save the land from evil that has torn your family apart. Take a jump into Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas for the PS Vita.


You wake up missing your father. He was on a mission to kill the beast known as Oceanhorn. This mechanical monster has terrorized the whole area. So you go off on an adventure to save the land. Well actually islands; the area you play in is separated into islands. With that, the game really just becomes something you have seen before. I’m not complaining that much though, The Legend of Zelda (it’s seeming primary influence) is a classic that everyone loves. This game is just a wonderful version of what can happen on the Vita.


Oceanhorn plays very much that like Nintendo classic that everyone loves. Mixing the dungeon crawling with the sea travel is a great way to show how different you can be in a crowded market. You start off with the basics: sword and shield. From getting those you travel around the islands in your trusty boat. Some of the islands are accessible at the start of the game, some you need to discover on your own. As I was playing I felt like I had more freedom to explore then I really needed. Some islands needed a specific item to explore them.

Each boss has a specific way to beat them. Everything you would do in Legend of Zelda is just about the same here. The spells felt a little painful to use. Selecting what you wanted to cast the spell can cause you to get attacked from any nearby monster. It’s just so slow and it feels out of place compared to the rest of the gameplay. It is so hard to not say that this game plays like that other game. In reality its so close to that game that you won’t really have any problems enjoying the gameplay.


The bright and colorful palate really works in this games favor. I couldn’t see this game being dreary and dark. It has too much life with the monsters moving around or the different characters you meet. Trying not to compare this game to that other one is just impossible in my book. The developer did a great job with the Vita. Not every game looks great on this old handheld, Oceanhorn holds up through. The cut scenes are pleasant even if the mouth movement throws you off.


I know that I have said it a few times already. The game is a nod to that franchise we all love. The music in this game is good. It just actually makes me want the music from the other series though. It’s one of those instances where you just turn the volume down and listen to a random playlist on Spotify. The thing that I was not expecting and was completely surprised about is the voice acting. This game has some damn good voice acting. The mouths don’t really capture the voices well, but the Vita doesn’t always have the best graphics.


With a system that no one is really playing anymore this a a breath of fresh air. From the moment you start this game it becomes an obsession to collect all the rubies or level up your hero to the highest level. Being that this is not a AAA title it keeps me looking in the direction of those indie developers that constantly improve the gaming community. The one thing I had a problem with was the ending of the game. Even though it didn’t take long to finish I felt the ending was just rushed. Even then the developer was nice enough to add the mobile DLC in the game from the start. For the most part I think players will still enjoy this game even with the ending. The Vita needs all the life it can get at this point.

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