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Scalebound at Gamescom

Microsoft and Platinum showed off the first look at Scalebound today. The title is an open world game with classic hack & slack gameplay. The player is joined by a dragon companion in combat.

The gameplay segment featured the protagonist and his companion landing in front of a small group of enemies and taking them out. During combat, the player can control their dragon friend to attack specific enemies and even to take out buildings. Once the heroes took out the bad guys, they turned their focus to a giant monster that climbed over a mountain to attack them.

Scalebound¬†has an odd style that mixes a modern looking protagonist with dragons and enemies that look like knights; the main character even has headphones on that he uses to start the demo’s music.

It was also announced that the game will feature 4-player co-op. This was shown in a brief trailer where the main character encounters a giant, intimidating monster, only to be backed up by some friends.

Scalebound is currently set to release in Holiday 2016.

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