The acclaimed developer 10tons is bringing yet another great game to the Nintendo Switch. Sparkle Unleashed will be coming to the Switch on December 25th.  The game will be available for the price of $7.99.
Now Sparkle Unleashed may look just like Sparkle 2. The game does have a key difference. The marble shot is now placed at the bottom of the screen. This gives players a new way to enjoy the game they love.

  • Ultra-polished match-three marble shooter gameplay
  • Chained Orbs, Rock Orbs and more exciting challenges
  • An arsenal of 18 potent powerups to choose from
  • Immersive soundtrack by award-winning composer Jonathan Geer
  • 108 challenging levels, Survival mode, and two more difficulty settings

Hopefully the Nintendo Switch players are taking full advantage of these awesome 10tons games. The Switch is really benefiting from having such a diverse library at such a young age for a console.