Star Wars Has Made Back Disney’s $4 Billion Investment

In this galaxy not so very long ago, an entertainment Empire fished under their sofa cushions for coins and scraped together just over $4 Billion to purchase Lucasfilm and with it the iconic Star Wars franchise. Over five years have passed and while a number of fans have struck back, the acquisition has been extremely lucrative for the franchise’s new master, Disney. Box office totals for the last three films, The Force Awakens, Rogue One and The Last Jedi have surpassed $4.05 billion – about the price that the House of Mouse dropped for the studio once owned by George Lucas.

To be fair, those box office takes are split with movie theaters and Disney obviously spent a lot of money producing those three movies but Star Wars earns a lot of money outside of the theaters. There is a lot of merchandise out there tied to the space opera franchise as well as books, games and an animated TV series. On top of that, the older movies and Clone Wars series still sell on platforms such as iTunes and Google Play.

Despite the phantom menace of a polarized fanbase, Disney still has two more already announced movies on the calendar. Solo: A Star Wars Story will debut in May of this year and the current trilogy will be completed in 2019 with Episode IX. Disney is already planning the return of the franchise with yet another trilogy though nothing has been announced so far.

The archaeologist with the whip and battered leather jacket is also slated to return to the big screen in an all new film. That is all but guaranteed to put a few more dollars into Disney’s pocket and prove that while controversial, the investment in Lucasfilm was certainly a wise one for Disney and its stakeholders.

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