10tons Stuidos is known for making some interesting and fun games. One of those games that I have been waiting for has arrived on Steam. Players can now take on the world of H.P. Lovecraft as the inventor known as Nicolas Tesla.  Watch the launch trailer below.


Currently the game is only available for players on Steam. You will find that the game is currently on sale until February 2nd. Some of the features that this game has includes:

  • Tesla-Mech: An immensely powerful machine of war at your disposal. Mow down your opponents with twin-mounted Tesla-Miniguns, and trample over monsters like they were ants.
  • Quantum Teleportation: Dash forward or even zip through solid objects with this handy gadget. Packed neatly into a backpack. (Includes a warning label about Theseus-paradox, whatever that is)
  • Lovecraftian monsters: If nightmares had nightmares, this is what they’d look like. Monsters so horrible they’ll make you eat up your own sanity!
  • Tesla’s Gadgets: Save the world with plethora of inventions and gadgets, including (but not limited to) X-Ray Blade and Death Ray Gun.

Now if you want to try one of the many other excellent games from 10tons, you can find them on the current consoles as well as mobile devices. We have a few reviews which you can click these links.