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Want to Spend More Money on Destiny? Well now you can!

When it comes to AAA games, Micro transactions is a way of life these days. It seems like developers are struggling to survive in todays climate, and have to push smaller content at premium prices to make a profit. So when Bungie announced that they will introduce Micro transactions to their blockbuster hit Destiny, one has to wonder why.

“This coming Tuesday, October 13th, Tess Everis will return to The Tower with a new look, a new storefront, and some new items to sell, courtesy of Eververse Trading Company. Initially, Tess will offer eighteen brand new emotes. Like the trio of emotes offered via The Taken King Collector’s Edition, these emotes are completely optional, and won’t impact the action game in any way. “

The game will introduce ‘Silver’ which you can use to purchase in game items. Bungie assures us that this will not affect the game in any way. This ‘Silver’ cannot be earned and will have to be purchased through your relevant store on your console using real world money. They will however add some ‘Silver’ to your account so you can check it out.

“If you’re not interested in what Tess has to offer, you won’t ever be forced to pluck an item off of her shelf. You’ll still receive updates to the game, and you won’t lose a Crucible encounter or fail to clear a Raid because you didn’t have the right Eververse Trading Company emote equipped.”

It remains to be seen how Bungie will handle this, since they’re not known for their fair practices since Destiny launched. As with all micro transactions, you have to be sceptical as to how this will affect the core game, because developers have to give players an incentive to plop down more cash.

Destiny is currently available in the Xbox Live store, and includes all expansions for the first year.

David Whitaker
David Whitakerhttp://Ticgamesnetwork.com
I'm David Whitaker and I'm just a man who loves talking about the video game industry

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