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WB Montreal is working on two new DC Universe games.

It looks like we will be getting 2 new DC Universe games. According to multiple job posts on WB Montreal’s website, they are looking to hire for a variety of positions focused on expanding the DC Comics universe. While it is still unknown what the games are, there are hints left behind in the studio’s previous work. In the Batgirl dlc for Batman: Arkham Knight there is a hint towards a Justice League villain. It could also be a Suicide Squad game hinted at the ending of Batman: Arkham Knight.

WB Montreal is the studio behind Batman: Arkham Origins and the Batgirl dlc in Batman: Arkham Knight as previously mentioned. While Arkham Origins was well received by fans, it was also criticized for being the worst game of the Batman series which was mostly done by Rocksteady studios. The studio has been under the umbrella of the Batman series for so long, it will be interesting to see what the WB Montreal studio can do.

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