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Weekly Recap Thanksgiving Weekend Edition! November 18th to 24th

November is winding down and coming to a close. Winter is upon us and with that the ending of probably one of the best gaming years in quite a while. November alone saw the releases of Red Dead Redemption 2, Spyro Remastered and Hitman 2 just to name a few. With bellies full of turkey and wallets completely empty (thanks Black Friday), let’s look back on what happened this past week in news.


Industry Insight

If you have always wondered a little on what the Gaming Industry is like, there are a few articles below that will give you a bit of a peek. We start off with Roby Atadero, Senior Programmer from Obsidian Entertainment. Roby gave a talk at¬†University of California, Riverside on what it’s like to be in the industry, and how difficult it can be to get in and other subjects.

It’s not often you get an opportunity to learn what it is like in the industry behind closed doors. We have a bit of a glimpse with Bill Merrill of Turtle Rock, Double Helix and Amazon Game Studios. He spent his time as an AI and Animation Lead Programmer, working on AI and game engine systems. Bill gives an explanations of his history,and how he ended up with Amazon working on the “Lumberyard Engine”.

A good example of his work is the graphics engine used in the game Evolve. A 1 v 4 monster vs. hunters game that unfortunately did not last long.


No Mans Sky has really been keeping pace with content updates recently. It seems the launch on Xbox One revitalized the team and have been providing some great quality content. New Biomes, new fauna and flora, archaeology, salvaging, fireworks and a bunch more.

Expanding Their Reach

Xbox has really taken a beating this generation but they have definitely taken measures that this does not happen again. Xbox is putting together a team specifically dedicated to the Asian regions. Their objective is to work with developers in countries such as China, South Korea and Japan to help boost the presence and relationships with Xbox. This has always been a major fault in Xbox marketing. Hopefully with this new team, it can change and rebuild the history of Xbox in these countries.

M+K Support

Mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One is slowly coming to the masses. In partnership with the gaming peripheral maker Razer, Xbox is bringing a custom designed Mouse and Keyboard for Xbox. The full reveal will happen during CES 2019 where tech geeks around the world can get their first glimpse of some of the best innovative tech out there.

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