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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Includes DLC For Compatible Games By Rare

Gamers enrolled in the Xbox Live Preview program are reporting that playing compatible games from Rare on their Xbox One consoles adds the respective DLC from those games for free. Jed Whitaker at Destructoid tried out Kameo and saw that all of the costume DLC skins were available to him. Whitaker also notes that others have played Viva PiƱata and were able to access all of the accessory packs. As of this writing nobody has indicated whether the map packs for Perfect Dark Zero were made available when playing the game on Xbox One. Games from other publishers that are available in the backwards compatibility preview do not include the DLC so it is unclear of this will be a feature unique to Rare games or if other publishers could allow their games’ DLC to be included through backwards compatibility.

If any of our readers happens to own Perfect Dark Zero and is in the Xbox One preview program – Could you let us know in the comments section if you were able to get the map packs?

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