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Xbox One getting native Oculus Rift Support, eventually.

When Microsoft appeared on stage at the Oculus Rift keynote before E3 2015 this year, everyone was taken aback by the idea that Microsoft is working with Virtual Reality OEM’s. Especially after Microsoft revealed their own answer to VR with the Hololens. Microsoft have made deals with Valve and Oculus and will ship each device with the Xbox controller.

Since then it’s been the object of rife speculation whether or not the Xbox One could support the Oculus Rift natively. This question was posed to the Oculus Product VP Nate Mitchell during an interview with Polygon.

“It has been a conversation, but I can say we’re not so close, What we were finding is that it’s hard enough to deliver a great experience reliably on Windows, never mind adding OS X and Linux to that, which are different beasts entirely. Because of that, we’ve been laser focused on getting Windows in awesome shape. No one is really thinking right now about bringing the Rift to a console, especially when the spec is so different from what we’re targeting right now”

When asked if the Xbox One was powerful enough to support the Oculus Rift, he answered with:

“That’s the thing, you can absolutely deliver a great VR experience on Xbox One, what I should say is with the hardware that’s in the Xbox One,” Mitchell said. “We’re not really focused on it right now. It really depends on the content you want to put there.”

It will be interesting to see what Microsoft and Oculus can achieve with the technology if they ever want to bring it to Xbox One. With their competitors already readying their alternatives, and Xbox head Phil Spencer stating that he does not think VR is ready for the Mainstream yet, the next year will be quite interesting.

David Whitaker
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