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You Could Win An Island In A New Just Cause 3 Contest

If you have been looking for a staging area while you perfect your plans for world domination then Square Enix and Avalanche Studios may have the perfect solution for you. All you have to do is cause enough destruction and mayhem in Just Cause 3 to land you a spot on top of the game’s Chaos Points leaderboard 90 days after release and you’ll have a chance to win a island (not the one pictured above) with an approximate value of $50,000 USD or an equivalent amount in cash. Chaos points are earned by creative and stylish destruction of just about anything you can find in the game. You will need a day one version of Just Cause 3 as well as an account with the Square Enix website that is linked to your Xbox Live or PlayStation Network account. You can see the rules of the contest on the Just Cause 3 website.

There are some caveats though. Square Enix does not guarantee that the island will be habitable or even that you will be able to set foot on your little slice of heaven without traveling in a boat. The rules even state that Square Enix can change the grand prize at their discretion. The new owner may even find that they are liable for taxes, escrow and closing fees.

It may be a great place for some Dead Island role play though.

Image Source: Wikipedia

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